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We have been in the business of offering farmers high quality agricultural solutions, such as grain ventilation systems, mobile seed processing and electro broadcasters, since the 1970’s. We are constantly conducting tests and research to ensure that our products offer you the solution you need.

Proven Grain store ventilation

Combined with high output centrifugal fans there is no better way to condition your floor stored crops.

As featured in FARMERS WEEKLY magazine

Our Evolution fan promises to change the way grain is conditioned forever!

High Volume HV Roof Ventilation Fans

Designed to ventilate grain stores where substantial amounts of air need to be moved with minimal energy consumption.

EV Fan Range for Medium and High Volume on Floor Ventilation

EV fans are perfect for blowing air through under floor channels and also on floor ducts for cooling and conditioning crops.

Seed processing in the South

Peace of mind for you knowing that your precious crop gets off to the best start possible.

The CropCool Wireless System

  • Automate Ventilation
  • Monitor your crop from a PC, smart phone, or tablet
  • log your data
  • Optimise crop value
  • Minimise energy consumption

Or, if you are in need of advice about Crop Storage Tools such as grain moisture and temperature meters, hay and straw meters, sampling spears or extraction fans then just Contact Us.

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