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Crop Conditioning Equipment

11th July 2017

 As the 2017 harvest gets fully underway earlier than we can remember in many parts the country we have already been delivering Polycool out to our distributors in France, Germany, Romania, Sweden, USA and New Zealand. Alongside this a consignment… Read More

Did your fans suffer from capacitor failure last harvest

4th July 2017

With the 2017 harvest underway in some parts of the UK already, grain stores have been cleaned and prepared for the new crop, however fans can often be over looked.  Did your fans suffer from capacitor failure last harvest?   To combat capacitor… Read More

Metalcool Pedestals

9th June 2016

We have in stock ready for 2016 harvest new metal pedestals. We feel these are some of the strongest metal pedestals on the market.    Read More

Farm saved seed, slug pellet applicators, grain store ventilation and wireless fan control app

23rd November 2015

As the winter draws in and we reflect on the 2016 harvest we are delighted that our fleet of mobile seed processors ran with 100% reliability, this in turn led to what we felt was a relaxed season despite the late harvest and the difficult… Read More


28th September 2015

Tackle hotspots now with the Hotspot spear. A hotspot spear sorts out those troublesome areas in storage. Available for next day delivery with or without a fan call us now to order. Combat hotspots with the Evans and Pearce hotspot spear. Our… Read More

Notes from the seed processor

21st September 2015

Notes from the seed processor As mobile seed processors we often get quizzed on the returns and benefits of different micro nutrient seed treatments. We wanted to spend a little time to talk about Radiate. We have seen from the yields and the… Read More


2nd July 2015

As the Harvest looms and talk of world grain markets has been a hot topic are you thinking ahead and looking at ways to maximise the profit margin of the 2015 harvest? Have you looked at how much the cooling process costs your business? Are you… Read More

Act now and maximise the value of stored crops

14th May 2015

Act now and maximise the value of stored crops. Polycool offers a cost effective solution to creating temporary storage space for the coming season’s harvest. If you are at Cereals 2015 drop by the Agricultural Supply Services stand no.1031… Read More

Grain store preparation 2015

9th April 2015

Grain store preparation 2015 Now may be a good time to find your moisture meter and check that it is all ok. It will need calibration and possible adjustment so get it over to us at Evans and Peace. If we cannot fix/diagnose any fault we are… Read More

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