Electro Broadcasters


Capable of accurately spreading all types of products, from slug pellets and small seeds through to fertilisers and trace element granules

electro broadcaster

TFL 80 Broadcaster

Designed to be used with ATV’s, UTV’s, Tractors and other Agricultural / Amenity vehicles, the TFL80 range will cast slug pellets up to 24 metres (only recommended up to 20) and features optional power or manual feed shutoff and 80 or 130 litre hopper (130 litre hopper not to be used with ATV’s)

TFL 100 Broadcaster

Higher capacity motor means materials can be cast up to 30 metres. Seek guidance before buying as the increased power requirement of this machine means it is not compatible with all ATV’s; requires 35 amps to start and 8 amps to run.

BD 12 Gamefeeder

BD12 Gamefeeder

Adapted from the TFL80 to meet the needs of Gamekeepers. This machine has been modified to allow Game Feed to flow freely whilst only spreading over a small distance. This machine is ideal for feeding in woodlands giving a spread of approx. 4 metres.

Optional Extras

synch box

Synchro spread control box

The Synchro Spread control box allows you to match the spread width of your Electrobroadcaster to either the implement width that you are using it in conjunction with or to spread in narrow bands where the situation demands.

Calibration Chute

calibration chute

The Evans and Pearce Calibration Chute is designed to allow you to accurately calibrate your TFL Electro broadcaster, ensuring accurate distribution of slug pellets, seed and fertilizer.


High capacity 130 litre hopper option for use with Tractors, Combines, UTV’s and 4x4 vehicles to reduce filling times and increase productivity

Download the operators manual 

Operators Manual

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