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Mobile seed cleaning in the south west

We operate a number of state of the art high output mobile seed cleaners in Dorset, Hampshire, Somerset and Wiltshire 

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From drilling through to harvest Evans and Pearce are here to help.

We have been offering farmers quality products and services for grain storage, mobile seed processing and slug pellet application since 1968.

Product development is ongoing as we seek to ensure that what we offer is beneficial and suitable for a demanding workplace. Today Evans and Pearce Ltd are at the forefront of grain ventilation and processing. With an eye constantly to the future we are always looking to bring our customers the very best. 

Mobile Seed Processing 

Mobile seed processing

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Our fleet of high output mobile seed processing units and experienced operators clean and treat farm saved seed, using gravity separation and rotary drum cleaners to leave you with an extremely high quality sample ready for drilling.

All of our mobile seed cleaners are equipped with accurate batch treaters which are supplied and maintained by Bayer Crop Science. This ensures your farm saved seed is coated evenly and accurately with the seed treatment of your choice.


Grain Cooling Pedestals

Crop conditioning equipment and grain store fans

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Pioneers in robust grain cooling pedestals and the inventor of the twin walled plastic Polycool™ system. Evans and Pearce now have in excess of 18000 units on farm, which is testament to the value and strength of the system. We continue to develop our range of products and services to include innovative cost saving store control systems, fans with brushless motors and differential temperature control; saving the farmer time and money. Our range of  market leading performance fans are available from a network of UK distributors.  We also have agents in France, Germany, Netherlands and Sweden.

Crop Conditioning Fans 

grain fans and fans for low volume ventilation in agriculture

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Our VBW range of pedestal and lateral duct mounted fans are a 40 year old tried and tested grain store champion. Sold by the thousands across the UK and Europe these fans will ventilate Polycool, Metalcool or lateral floor ducts. They use a forward curved, aluminium impeller, housed in a cast aluminium scroll.


Evans and Pearce continue to manufacture the Electro Broadcasters here in Dorset but have passed all sales and support to our UK distributors Logic Manufacturing who can be reached on 01285 720930.




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