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The History of Evans and Pearce 

Today Evans and Pearce Ltd is at the forefront of grain ventilation and processing; with an eye constantly to the future, we are always looking to bring our customers the very best.

Set up in 1968 by the visionary agriculturalists Mike Pearce and Graham Evans, these two men saw an opening for the supply of temporary grain drying floors. These floors were constructed with ply-board walls and metal mesh ducts covered in hessian. The air was supplied by a fleet of Lister MEU’s (moisture extraction units), which were towed all over the south-west to farmers in need of high volume axial fan units.

Mike Pearce saw a market for a grain ventilation system that was both effective and removable, once the crop had been sold. The Evans and Pearce pedestal ventilation system started off in the traditional galvanized steel format. The introduction of Polycool saw Evans and Pearce become the leading UK supplier of plastic grain ventilation products. Polycool offered all of the traditional benefits of the old metal system but with the added bonus of much improved durability.

As time progressed Mike and Graham saw another niche market that was to shape Evans and Pearce into the company it is today. Mobile Seed Cleaning was in its infancy, as an industry and Evans and Pearce was soon building and selling their very own, very distinct processors. We still manufacture our own machines today, which lead the way when it comes to output and innovation.

AboutMike Pearce was influential in the production of the first slug pellets to be used in this country, using compressed milled wheat, which had been mixed with slug bait to form a very basic pellet. Before the introduction of the pellet Evans and Pearce had already designed and manufactured the machine to spread it. The Electro Broadcaster was initially designed to sow stubble turnips straight off the combine. The Electro Broadcaster lent itself very well to the spreading of the new slug pellet, and went on to sell in its 1000’s across the UK and Europe. Still in production today, the TFL range of Electro Broadcasters continue to offer incredible longevity, coupled with superb product support.

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