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Things you may not have seen

Thursday 16th February 2012

Keeping birds at bay

Scarecrow systemFor any of you that suffer the annual problem of bird control on your farms be it pigeons in the rape, rooks and crows in the wheat or starlings on the silage clamp I would urge you to consider the Scarecrow system. This system of bird scaring seems to be a genuine step forward for farmers and uses technology which has been successful in our nation’s airports for many years. If any of you discover that your neighbor has bought one I would follow suit because all of those unsettled flocks have got to go somewhere and you don’t want it to be your fields.

Evolution fan goes from strength to strength

Evolution Agricultural FanSince its launch last year our Evolution fan with built in differential control unit continues to go from strength to strength. The market has sought this product for many years and it now stands alone as the benchmark product for cooling and conditioning floor stored crops.

“Without doubt the response we have had back from the farms which are now using this product has far exceeded that of any other product we’ve ever launched. Its exactly what it needed to be and we’re excited about where its going to take us in the near future”. Said Rob White.

Take a closer look at the Evolution Grain Ventilation Fans we offer.

Pre Cleaner for hire

Mobile Seed Pre-Cleaner 1We now have a high output pre-cleaner (as pictured right). Designed to be moved quickly between sites, it can be towed behind a 4x4 and is completely self contained. It comes with its own generator, so can be run on any site regardless of electricity supply.

Filling is via the standard trailer spout and auger arrangement. Clean seed can be unloaded directly into trailers via a combine style discharge auger. The cleaner is available for hire by the day with or without an operator; such is its ease of use.

Mobile Seed Pre-Cleaner 2It is a totally gravity based form of separation and will be ideal for removing weed seeds from beans, reducing screenings in cereals and removing bugs and mites from stored crops. With an output of 100 plus tonnes / day it will make for a very cost effective form of bulk cleaning either pre or post storage.

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