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New agricultural fan control system

Wednesday 21st March 2012

Evans and Pearce has just launched a new control system for use in grain stores. When implementing a grain cooling system using Evans and Pearce Evolution agricultural fans, it is also advised to use a separate high volume fan in the roof space of the building to ensure warm damp air drawn out of the stored crops is removed from the building and replaced with dry fresh air from outside of the building.

The new system from Evans and Pearce detects when Evolution fan units switch themselves on and off and uses this information to control the axial roof fans, ensuring the very best performance from grain cooling systems, reducing the amount of energy used through only running roof fans when Evolution fans are on.

"This is a great addition to the range as it makes life even easier for the farmer" said Rob White, Managing Director of Evans and Pearce. "It is our daily focus to make life as easy as possible for users of our systems so that they can leave their stores to run themselves and get on with managing their busy farms".

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