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Grain Ventilation Systems

Thursday 19th April 2012

Grain ventilation systemsMany grain farmers are looking for better more energy efficient and cost effective ways to ventilate their grain. Proper Grain ventilation is needed to spare grain crops from bugs and moulds while being stored in the shed or barn.

Why you Need to Ventilate Grain

Grain is a crop that was once living, yet after harvest, continues to respire or emit moisture and heat. Heat and moisture are great places for things like mould and insect larva to form and hatch, which is not good for the grain. Poor grain ventilation can cause mould and insects to ruin the crops making it impossible to sell, ruining the production and profit for the grain farmer.

Typically, when grain is brought in from the fields it has a temperature of about 20 degrees Celsius. At this temperature the grains are at risk of allowing the insect larva, brought in on the grain, to hatch and potentially harm the crops. Once the grain is brought into storage the temperature should be dropped to about 10 degrees Celsius within the first two weeks. Grain cooling can really decrease the risks of mould and insects destroying the harvested grain.

Ways to Ventilate Crops

Other than underground ventilation systems, which are very expensive to install and difficult to maintain, multiple free-standing grain ventilation pedestals provide the simplest, most cost-efficient and flexible grain ventilation system.

Traditionally, these grain ventilation pedestals have always been made from thin aluminium sheeting, which makes them ill-designed for a typical farm environment as they tend to dent and bend too easily.

At Evans and Pearce, we use Polycool’s tough, twin wall, loader-proof plastic grain ventilation pedestals in all the solutions that we implement. We find them affordable, efficient, very easy to install and hard to destroy (even with heavy farm machines).

How Polycool Grain Ventilation Pedestals Work

Polycool Grain Ventilation Pedestals are made of heavy duty, almost indestructible, plastic that will allow proper grain cooling. The pedestals can be put together in a very short amount of time and they keep the crop cool and well ventilated throughout the storing season. The pedestals work along with an Evolution fan ventilation system that is installed above the crops. As hot stale air rises, the ventilation system moves the old air out and brings in new fresh air.

Grain cooling and grain ventilation are very important aspects of storing your crops and need to be taken seriously.

Contact us now to help spec out a solution that is right for you.

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