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Properly Ventilate Your Grain Crop To Reduce Insect Larvae and Mould

Tuesday 13th November 2012

Grain storageIt may seem like it's re-stating the obvious but grain is a living crop, and when it’s been harvested and stored, it will still respire and release heat and moisture. This is exactly the kind of environment that allows mould and insect larvae to proliferate. When grain is poorly ventilated, crops become degraded or, worse still, get ruined. Either way, this means less profit for the grain farmer.

When grain is initially stored, it has a 20 degree Celsius temperature. When it's being stored for a longer period of time, the temperature should be reduced by 10 degrees Celsius the first two weeks. When this is done, the chances for mould and insects are significantly reduced.

When looking for ways to correctly ventilate crops, many farmers will straight away start thinking they need need an under-floor grain ventilation solution. The drawback to these systems is that maintenance of them is difficult and their installation is very costly.

A more cost-effective and advantageous system is the free-standing grain ventilation pedestals. Why is this so advantageous? Grain ventilation pedestals solutions are flexible and can contract and expand to handle varying grain volumes.

Grain ventilation pedestals are usually made from thin aluminum sheets but these systems have a tendency to bend and dent far too easily with normal use around the farm.

We don’t sell aluminum grain ventilation pedestals instead we recommend using tougher, loader-proof plastic grain ventilation pedestals, which are far more effective, easy to install, difficult to damage and inexpensive.

A Closer Look At Polycool Grain Ventilation Pedestals

Polycool Grain Ventilation Pedestals are made from a heavy duty plastic, which is virtually indestructible in normal farming conditions and that has been specially designed to let the right amount of cooling to take place. These pedestals can be set up in next to no time and keep crops well-ventilated and cool all through the storing season. An Evolution fan ventilation system is put in place above the crops, which work with the pedestals to ensure the crops stay cool.

With the help of a Polycool Grain Ventilation ventilation system, hot, musty air is moved out and new, fresh air is brought in. Thus, if you’re storing grain and not already using our systems, we’d urge you to take another look at our systems.

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