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If you’re planning on saving beans this year...

Thursday 14th February 2013

Germinating beanIn order to get the best results, we’d recommend that you send us a sample for germination, disease and stem nematode testing. We have already seen samples test positive for stem nematode and would strongly recommend that you get samples checked before we process.

The same applies to any type of seed you may need testing, get it to us early and then we can get you the results on time. The following is a breakdown of some of the tests that are available.

Rapid Tetrazolium £15.75: Shows up any heat damage and will quickly reveal if there are any potential problems with the root and the shoot. No good for treated samples or for revealing glyphosate damage. This test should take about 48 hours and requires a 150gm sample.

Full Germination £16.50: Will reveal any problems with the seed whether they have been caused by physical or chemical interference. This is the only test for treated seed. This test should take between 7-10 days and requires a 150gm sample.

Vigour Test £15.00: Vigour is defined as “the sum total of those properties of the seed which determine the level of activity and performance during germination and seedling emergence”. Seed lots can lose vigour without losing the ability to germinate. This vigour loss can begin to occur before harvest and will continue during handling and storage. If you have any doubts about the quality of your seed due to adverse harvesting or storage conditions it is worth getting the vigour tested.

If you would like to send your samples directly to the testing laboratory please send them to the following address:

Seed Lab 100 Ltd,
Milcote Hall Farm,
Stratford Upon Avon,
CV37 8BR

Please mark each sample with the variety, the test required, your trading name and the fact that you would like it booked onto Evans and Pearce’s account. If you are sending samples direct please could you notify us before you do so.

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