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Manor Contracting - Chris Tanswell

Wednesday 12th March 2014

After a slow start to sales as farmers looked for local success stories on which to base their decisions, it would seem that we are now making progress in our evaluation of this product. Chris Tanswell from Manor Contracting, Thornford purchased a 12v unit in September 2013. He has been using it on a 500 acre block of land at Odcombe near Yeovil. Cropping is split between OSR, wheat and winter barley. Chris was sceptical at first that the manufacturers bold claims would be realised, but autumn experience has proven that the product is a very useful aid in keeping fields clear of birds. Chris is confident that the unit will deter birds from about 150-200 acres of crop at a time. “You can see displaced birds circling in the sky above our ground not wishing to return to the surrounding fields or trees” he notes. “We have had some good technical advice from Martin Lishman and this has helped us to get the most out of the unit. Bird call volume is important as is correct placement allowing for prevailing winds and the lie of the land” reports Chris. Keeping birds at bay from emerging crops is not an easy job and the Scare Crow range of products is clearly a useful aid in this annual battle. The Scare Crow has the advantage that it is discreet, relatively portable and not likely to cause offence to local residents. Having a successful local user of this product will hopefully now convince some of you that this product is far from a gimmick but a serious weapon in your bird scaring arsenal. Manor Contracting have also invested in a new 18kW fan unit for harvest 2013 to help with the drying and cooling of about 500 tonnes of stored crop at its Odcombe grain store. It replaces a Lister MEU which had put in sterling service for many years but was due for retirement. Airflow and automation was the order of the day for Chris Tanswell and after the first 6 months of use I think that we have achieved both. The wheat crop was stored at 16-17% mc straight off the combine in mid August. The fan was initially programmed to blow only ambient air of 70%rh and below to help dry the crop. By mid October crop moisture contents were down to 15% with no additional heat added. This has equated to a running cost of about £0.75p per tonne for the drying phase. The fan automation was achieved using our Crop Cool Differential Temperature Controller and an Auto Extract to synchronise the grain fan running times with the Hydor Roof ventilation fans. Chris has been happy with the fans performance in year one and the automation afforded by the Crop Cool controller has been invaluable for this outlying grain store. It has saved unnecessary trips out to turn the fan on or off, and he knows that it is always running when conditions are right. We have a very wide range of fans that are being supplied for both cooling and drying grain and woodchip. Sizes range from 0.37kw up to 75kw, with a choice of running speeds and impeller design for all applications. They are all built in Devon and can be configured to your exacting requirements.


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