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Winter update

Wednesday 12th March 2014

Winter Update

What started off looking like it was going to be a favourable autumn for cereal establishment turned out to be a bit of a trying one again, especially for those of you trying to get a wheat crop in after all rain. As most of you will know Redigo Deter was once again in short supply last autumn and I very much suspect that this will be the case for 2014 as well. I urge you to get your name on an anticipated amount early so as not to be disappointed. The mild autumn meant that BYDV pressure was high and will see the effect of this as the growing season progresses. With this in mind demand for the product will again be high so forward planning will be required if you want some. As those of you who have pre booked product out with us in the past two years will know, we only need an approximate amount and will not hold you to this should you not use it all when processing day comes. Many of you wonder why Redigo Deter is not produced in greater volumes, with many a conspiracy theory doing the rounds. An explanation of the Bayer side of the story can be found opposite. If any of you visited the contractor event in the December of 2013 you will have been greeted with the sight of an E & P seed processing machine in the main exhibitor arena. It was a real boost for us to be invited to bring a machine to a national event and a good indicator of how much we have achieved in this area during the past 10 years. The event was a success and was attended by contractors from across Europe. It was great to be able to show our machinery, ideas and systems off to a wide audience. The launch of our first dedicated product catalogue has given this part of our business a positive boost with grain storage kit now winging its way out to all parts of the UK. Our main area of success has been in the moisture meter department with customers valuing the hands on advice that we can offer on these very important tools. Sinar have appointed us as their agent for this area, but we still intend to bring you the best offerings from other manufacturers. No one meter stands out as the must have and I think that is is important to have a good look at a range of meters. Please feel free to pop in and have a look and use the meters we stock with no obligation to buy. Before opting for the inevitable cheaper online deal just make sure that you are comparing like with like. Protimeters can be purchased very competitively online but this is not the same version as the more expensive but better value version we have in stock here. We wish you all a safe spring and summer. From the Evans and Pearce Team Ready when you are!

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