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Shoreham Silos put POLYCOOL to the test.

Thursday 15th January 2015

Shoreham Silos put POLYCOOL to the test.


Shoreham Silos put POLYCOOL to the test in their grain storage facility at Shoreham Port this week. Shoreham Silos were looking for a robust pedestal solution to replace an existing metal system.

Key to Shoreham Silos operational success is the ability load ships as quickly as possible, this results in the pedestals taking a hit from the loader. They liked the POLYCOOL system for its robust construction that would lead to lower long term replacement costs as pedestals inevitably got damaged whilst unloading the store.

Shoreham Silos have two flat stores ventilated by pedestals, each holding approximately 7000 tonnes of grain. Grain is stored between 6-9 metres deep. Filling is done using a telescopic loader to start with and once the pedestals are located and secure an overhead conveyor is used to fill the bays to capcity.

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