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How successful was your stored crop management process?

Thursday 2nd April 2015

How successful was your stored crop management process?

On reflection were you happy with the way you managed your floor stored crops this past season? Did you have a high number of metal pedestals or on floor vent ducts damaged whilst emptying the store? Would you have liked to have spent less time turning on or off fans throughout the cooling period? Do you feel that you could reduce overall energy consumption in the grain store?

We have pioneered the plastic grain pedestal system, making sure that it is not only loader proof but also offers the same airflow through the crop mas metal equivalents. Our pedestals are far less likely to suffer damage caused by the telescopic loader. We have now extended our range of Polycool to offer supply and installation of fully balanced under floor ventilation systems to new build grain stores, and above floor systems for existing stores that can simply be dug out and put to one side whilst the empting of the store is underway.

What value do you place on your time? Not only will a differential control system free up your time going to the store and operating the fans it will reduce your energy bills through efficient operation cycles and maximising the optimum air temperatures for cooling. We are excited to be able to offer a fully wireless system with the ability to operate, login and monitor through either a web interface or a soon to be available app (IOS or Andriod). If this all sounds too techy and not for you then the solution would be to look at the Evolution Fan, if you haven’t already read about this fan unit, it has inbuilt differential controls and a brushless motor making for an efficient unit that will move the same volume of air as Single phase 1.1kw for 30% of the power consumption.

Now would be a good time to think about implementing management systems ready for 2015 harvest and maximise the efficiency of your grain store.

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