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Grain store preparation 2015

Thursday 9th April 2015

Grain store preparation 2015

Now may be a good time to find your moisture meter and check that it is all ok. It will need calibration and possible adjustment so get it over to us at Evans and Peace. If we cannot fix/diagnose any fault we are happy to handle all returns to the manufacture. It is a good time to do this before the season starts and backlogs occur with the manufacturers service department.

We stock a range of moisture meters (Sinar, Unimeter, Protimeter and Dickey John, ) and welcome anyone who wants to come in and try meters with no obligation to buy.

As the grain store empties we would recommend that you give your grain pedestal fans a good check. Look for excessive build up of dust on the impeller and signs that rodents have made a home in the impeller housing , this can result in the impellers being thrown off balance and in extreme cases impeller failure. We can service and repair fans in our workshop here and return to you fully PAT tested. Any fans that may have failed during the season will need to be repaired and readied for harvest which will soon be with us again.

Keep checking stored crops for weather ingress into the store and any under ventilated areas.

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