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Notes from the seed processor

Monday 21st September 2015

Notes from the seed processor

As mobile seed processors we often get quizzed on the returns and benefits of different micro nutrient seed treatments. We wanted to spend a little time to talk about Radiate. We have seen from the yields and the seed that we have treated that the SPD is living up to the 7:1 investment that De Sangosse has talked about in their marketing literature.

Radiate is pH neutral zinc complex for small seeds and oilseed rape, the treatment will not dust and has no effect on the drilling characteristics of the treated seed. The treatment will increase root growth and increased leaf mass resulting in increased photosynthesis boosting the yield of the crop.

We have found that seed that’s treated with Radiate is particularly well suited to light sandy soils and can return anything from £50.00 per hectare up to £100 per hectare in winter cereals where appropriate canopies are controlled with the use of plant growth regulators. So if you are thinking of trying to give your autum sown crops an additional boost, then speak to Rob who will happily give you all the information that you require.

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