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Did your fans suffer from capacitor failure last harvest

Tuesday 4th July 2017

With the 2017 harvest underway in some parts of the UK already, grain stores have been cleaned and prepared for the new crop, however fans can often be over looked. 

Capacitor failures in grain store fans

Did your fans suffer from capacitor failure last harvest?


To combat capacitor failure and motor burn we have now fitted as standard to all our pedestal fans thermal cut out switches. Pedestal fans draw the highest amps when they are trying to start, if the voltage will not facilitate this amp flow then the motor or capacitor will fail.  The resulting repair is costly in terms of cash and time. 

Our thermal cut out switch will automatically cut the power to the fan prior to damage occurring due to low voltage; once the low voltage problem has been resolved often by using a suitable extension cable the fan can simply be reset via the switch. Our Evolution fans will measure the voltage input prior to start up and if it is insufficient the motor will not start. Evans and Pearce are the only crop storage fan specialist to offer this money and time saving feature as standard. Having a capacitor burn out is a time-consuming breakdown often occurring whilst your fan should be working hard maximising the value of your crop.

Pedestal cooling fans are prone to low voltage burnout when they are run on inadequately sized extension leads that provide too much resistance to the current flow.  If the resistance increases and the voltage is not adequate to overcome this resistance then the amps will drop.  In most cases a 2.5mm, 3 core cable will be adequate for extensions of up to 40m.  This is assuming that the supply is a consistent 230-240 volts.  We can make up extension leads for fans that meet with the fans power requirements.  Many of the extension leads we find on farm are inadequate for the successful long-term operation of pedestals fans.

Other things to lookout for before running your fans for the first time this season:

Impellers caked with dust can go out of balance and subsequently fail

Motor burn out or capacitor failure is often the result of more than one fan running off a single cable or cable thickness not adequate for cable length.

Rodents like to make homes in the fans out of season and they and their nests frequently end up going through the impeller.  Impeller replacement guaranteed if this happens.

Motor bearings can fail, and lead to subsequent motor damage if not replaced.

We hope you have found some useful information and we all wish you a safe and prosperous harvest. 

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