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Cropcool Multi Fan Hub 

Cropcool can also come supplied with the Multi Fan Hub for automating multiple grain cooling fans from a single point.      

Hub requires a 32amp 3 phase supply.
Will automate 2-6 1.1kw or 2.2kw grain cooling fans.
Differential temperature control switches fans on and off when ambient conditions allow for efficient grain cooling.
Hubs integral timers switch fans on in stages so supply is not overloaded.
Hub contains breakers and overloads to protect cables and motors.
Saves money and time by removing the need for an electrical contractor to design and build a bespoke system to automate fans. 

When you make the decision to automate your grain cooling fans the chances are you will need to engage the services of an electrical contractor to link the differential temperature controller to the fan starter/overloads.  Multi Fan Hubs do away with the need for your electrician to design and build a cabinet bespoke to your store.

Multi Fan Hubs contain:

·         32amp or 64amp mains power supply socket

·         Power sockets for the fans

·         Fan motor protection

·         Delayed fan engagement to avoid supply overload


Enjoy the cost savings and reliability of a control cabinet designed and built for the task in hand.


Multi Fan Hubs are suitable for use with both our Cropcool Wired and Cropcool Wireless differential temperature controllers.  Synchronise the grain cooling fans with store extraction fans.



Wired Multi Fan Hub for Cropcool

Wired Multi Fan Hub for Cropcool

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