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Cropcool is a unique grain store management tool which controls the running of your pedestal fans, ensuring they deliver the best possible results at the lowest achievable costs.

Cropcool switches fans on when the ambient air in the building is cooler than the crop, saving you time switching fans on and off and money in reduced electricity bills.

Cropcool facilitates night time fan operation when cooling conditions are optimal.

Cropcool speeds up the cooling of grain by ensuring fans only run when the conditions are right and that warm air is not drawn back into the stored crop.

Save up to 40% on your electricity costs.

Logs and displays fans running hours which helps to meet AHDB recommendations. Also logs air, grain and differential temperatures.

Cropcool takes constant readings of grain and air temperatures to ensure every possible opportunity for grain cooling is taken.

Cropcool is easy to operate and available in both single and three phase models.

CropCool has been specifically designed to operate up to 2 x 1.1kW fans from a single 13amp by starting the fans in sequence to avoid overload.  The three phase version can start multiple fan units.

Wired differential fan control system

Wired differential fan control system

Delivers the best possible results at the lowest achievable costs.

Single phase controller needs no professional installation.

Timed delay on fan start up, protects electric motors.

Time clock allows fan operation to be controlled to specific time periods.

Once desired crop temperature is reached fans will not operate.

Optional humidity sensor to facilitate ambient air drying.

Portable for use in multiple stores.

Very easy to set up and operate.

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