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EV Fans 

EV Fans6

We have significantly expanded our range of fans with the introduction of EV medium ‐ high pressure fans for ‘on floor’ ventilation systems.

EV fans are perfect for blowing air through under floor channels and also on floor ducts for cooling and conditioning crops. EV fans offer flow rates up to 90,000m3 per hour and pressures up to 300Mbar (120 in.s WG) which equates to an extremely wide scope of air movement from this high quality, proven fan system.

EV fans were designed specifically for dust laden air conditions and are readily available in a variety of standards and finishes including mild steel, ATEX and Stainless Steel alternatives.

EV fans can also be fitted with directly coupled AC motors (2 or 4 pole according to duty) or be supplied with extended shafts for belt driven applications. In addition, Evans and Pearce can also offer a wide range of options and accessories for this range which includes flow control valves, flexible connectors, inlet guards and acoustic enclosures.

EV Fans 0.75kw-75kw

EV Fans 0.75kw-75kw

Our EV fans are built to order in sizes from 0.75kw to 75kw and are ideally suited to high or low volume crop ventilation. As the fans are built to order they can be matched to specific applications. 

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