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Our Evolution fan has changed the way grain is cooled using pedestal ventilation. Featuring a built-in differential temperature controller,  allows you to set the fan up by turning a dial.  It also has a state of the art brushless motor, so you can plug it in, walk away and leave it to run on only 30% of the power used by the most popular alternative. Weighs 16kg and has built in carry handles, making it much easier to move around the store.

The Evolution fan has an easy to use controller which allows you to set a differential temperature simply by turning a dial. Sensors will detect when the outside air temperature is cool enough to be effectively cooling the crop. The fan will then switch itself on and off accordingly. All you have to do is plug it in, and walk away!

Sounds expensive?
Using unique ‘brushless’ motor technology, combined with a very efficient, backward curved impeller, the Evolution fan is able to offer the equivalent output of a 1.1kw fan unit with only 30% of the power consumed. Your investment should be repaid within 36 months.



Upgrade to the Evolution fan and save time, money and electricity for this storage season.

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