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Mobile Seed Processing for Farm Saving Seed

Farm saving of seed should be a simple operation that involves good initial communication between farmer and processor, to ensure the operation passes as smoothly as possible.  This is the standard every time an Evans and Pearce mobile seed processing unit arrives on farm.

Our fleet of high output mobile seed processing units and experienced operators clean and treat farm saved seed using gravity separation and rotary drum cleaners, to a high quality sample ready for drilling.

All of our mobile seed cleaners are equipped with accurate batch treaters which are supplied and maintained by Bayer Crop Science. This ensures your farm saved seed is coated evenly and accurately, with the product of your choice.

Our mobile seed cleaner operators are experienced and skilled in what they do and trained to process your farm saved seeds as quickly and accurately as possible, leaving behind clean and tidy yards. We take great pride in the service we are able to offer and value the loyal customer base we have been able to build up through years of providing quality mobile seed processing in the South West.

Farm saved seed requires time input from you at an already pressured stage of the year.  Recognising this we always try to offer an additional member of our staff to assist in the summer period and are happy to provide multiple visits to break large tonnages down into smaller amounts, to fit around your workload.


Information on Farm Saved Seed 

Farm saved seed is a tried and tested practice on many farms in the UK and with farm incomes squeezed the decision to get a mobile processor involved for your seed requirement seems like a logical one.

For the uninitiated there are a number of perceived barriers that can be off putting, particularly the issue of royalties and seed testing.  The UK has now in place a royalty collection scheme for farm saved seed that is the envy of its European counterparts and has allowed breeders and mobile processors to work together to create a mechanism for fair remuneration to the breeder whilst being easy for the grower to declare and pay.

Many mobile processors will collect the royalties due on a particular species on a per tonne basis and pass it on to the plant breeders.  Processors are audited by the British Society of Plant Breeders (BSPB) to ensure correct declaration.  This system is transparent and easy to understand from the outset and in so doing royalty collection and payment should not be deemed a barrier to farm saving seed legally.

Seed treatment choice is becoming limited as actives are withdrawn but something worth considering to partner your single purpose or Deter may be a product like Radiate, especially on light soils that dry up in early summer.  Radiate treated crops will consistently put down better roots and this is vital for realising yield potential.  Manganese is also worth considering as a seed treatment as it puts the nutrient where it is needed at exactly the right time.

Mobile seed processing has always provided the farmer with choice and that is a precious commodity in an industry where options are not always apparent.  Where there is choice there will always be competitive customer based service and pricing, and that can only ever be a good thing.


Germination And Vigour Testing 

Testing of seed for germination and vigour is necessary if the crop received a dose of glyphosate pre-harvest or was dried at high temperatures before being stored.  Poor storage over winter can lead to germination and vigour loss so testing is important.  Our advice is,  if you are in doubt, get seed samples checked.  The cost is low (£15-30), then you start from a position of certainty.  Testing can easily be sorted out with us and turn around is about a week.

When saving field beans for seed, it is vital they are tested for the presence of stem nematode.  This pest can decimate yield and if present the seed should not be used.  Fields used for the production of beans that contain nematode should be taken out of pulse production for 8-10 years to ensure it does not contaminate future crops.  There is no standard for stem nematode testing in the production of certified seed so nematodes can be introduced to the farm in certified seed and the problem exacerbated by farm saving.


An Evans and Pearce machine set up, on farm.


Pre-cleaner Available to Hire 

We can hire you one of our basic grain Pre-Cleaners, so you can have it on farm to process your crops as you need.

High output pre-cleaner, designed to be moved quickly between sites, can be towed behind a 4x4 and is completely self contained. It comes with its own generator, so can be run on any site, regardless of electricity supply. Filling is via the standard trailer spout and auger arrangement. Clean seed can be unloaded directly into trailers via a combine style discharge auger. The cleaner is available for hire by the day with, or without, an operator; such is its ease of use. It is a totally gravity based form of separation and will be ideal for removing weed seeds from beans, reducing screenings in cereals and removing bugs and mites from stored crops.



Bulk Seed Cleaning Service

If your harvested crop fails to live up to the expectations of the buyer, we can provide a solution with our bulk cleaning service.

For example we can:

Reduce screenings in malting barley.
Improve hagbergs in milling wheat.
Screen out weed seeds from beans.
Reduce admixture in OSR.

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