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Moisture Meters 

We stock a number of moisture meters from Sinar, Dickey John and Unimeter. 

Our experience has shown that arable growers are best served by having two meters; a crushed grain meter for field and pre storage sampling and a whole grain meter for sampling once the crop has been ventilated and settled.

Our Unimeter Digital is a low cost option for field and pre storage sampling.  Simple to use, portable and robust it is a great meter for the cab and is easy to calibrate should the need arise.

The Sinar AP6070 and Dickey John Mini Gac offer whole grain moisture, temperature and hectolitre testing once the crop is in store.  Both are easy to use and will provide a considerable time saving over grinding meters.

Our most popular crushed grain moisture meter: UNIMETER DIGITAL

Our most popular crushed grain moisture meter: UNIMETER DIGITAL

Moisture readings for Cereals, OSR, Linseed, Peas, Beans, Grass Seed and Maize (including high moisture) within expected harvesting ranges for these crops.

New Unimeter Digitals are ready-calibrated by an accredited laboratory for the forthcoming harvest for Wheat, Barley and Oilseed Rape, to meet Farm Assurance test specification at two different moisture levels. Additional check test samples are available for Peas, Beans, Oats and Linseed.



The GrainPro Moisture Meter supersedes the long standing AP6060.

The unique technology grain samples to be measured with the minimum of preparation and has no detrimental effect on the sample tested. Simply pour the seed sample and pour back out again.  With the optional bulk density cylinder accessory, the Sinar GrainPro will display accurate specific weight readings in kg/hl or lb/bu.

Its easy to read alphanumeric display means switching from measuring one commodity to another is as simple as choosing from a list.



Whether you're harvesting, storing or trading grain, nothing is more important to its value than its moisture content and test weight.

With the Mini GAC plus you can measure moisture and test weight.


Features include:

Menu-driven operating system
An internal scale (no pre-weighing)
USB compatibility for calibration loading
Used for over 450 grains and products
Automatic temperature compensation
No screw cap which can damage grains, create oily residue, and are cumbersome to use.

Package for the Mini GAC Plus includes:
Mini GAC plus, loader, 9-volt battery, carrying case, belt clip, instruction manual and one year manufacturers warranty.

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