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Polycool - plastic grain pedestals - designed specifically for crop cooling

Plastic Grain Pedestals - POLYCOOL LOGO


Polycool moves air through your floor stored crops to keep them free from storage bugs and moulds.  Our 450mm Polycool base is designed specifically for grain store use.

How do Plastic Grain Pedestals work


Constructed from tough twin wall plastic, our grain ventilation pedestals are ‘loader proof’ and easy to move. Combined with high output centrifugal fans there is no better way to condition floor stored crops than with Polycool grain ventilation pedestals.


•  Polycool allows unrestricted airflow when cooling grain.
•  Metal Pedestals do have a greater slotted area than plastic however this does not achieve any better airflow.
•  With over 18000 units on farms across Europe, Polycool works.         

When placed in a crop, a lower percentage of the slotted area of the Polycool pedestal is blocked by the crop it is ventilating, so although we have fewer perforations more of them are capable of passing air.  The ribbed construction of the Polycool base not only adds strength, it stops the crop from blocking the perforations and allows equal air movement from less open area.

Plastic Grain Pedestals - POLYCOOL Standard 3.5m and Maxi 5.2m

Polycool is available in Standard and Maxi sizes. 


Standard Polycool Pedestals are suitable for crop storage depths of 2.6m – 5.5m

We would recommend using our VBW8 fan with this pedestal. 

Maxi Polycool Pedestals are suitable for deep crop storage of 5m and above. 

We would recommend using our VBW9 fan with this pedestal.


For technical information including specification of your grain store, fan numbers required and airflow of Polycool please see the Ordering Polycool section at the bottom of the page.




Installation tips for Polycool Pedestals


Plastic pedestals manufactured with a 300mm diameter base or a base made from black drainage pipe are inadequate.  Our 450mm Polycool base is designed specifically for use in your grain store.


Polycool Technical Information

Polycool Technical Information

Order Polycool pedestals
For detailed information on how to spec your grain store and the numbers of fans you may require please see the Polycool technical page 


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Grain Pedestal Fans

Grain Pedestal Fans

We have a range of single and three phase fans for grain ventilation, be it pedestal, below floor or above floor duct.

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Metal Grain Pedestals - METALCOOL

Metal Grain Pedestals - METALCOOL

Metal Grain Pedestals
The base is louvered so no material has been removed, making the pedestal stronger.

There is no need for a filter when used to cool OSR and small seeds. Seeds are less likely to block louvered slots and even air distribution is maintained.

Metalcool are available with 250mm or 300mm diameter bases with top pipes to suit your fan size of either 150mm or 200mm.

Whatever your material preference there is no need to look any further for crop ventilation products than Evans and Pearce.


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