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Grain Store Products from Evans and Pearce

Grain Conditioning Pedestals and Lateral Ducts

Polycool Pedestals:  constructed from tough twin plastic wall, using food grade, virgin polymer (added for strength).  Available in two sizes (Standard & Maxi). Loader proof and easy to move.

Metalcool Pedestals:  a metal pedestal.  The base is louvered so no material has been removed, making the pedestals stronger. Available in two sizes (Standard & Maxi).

Underflow Pedestals:  Vertical Underfloor Crop Ventilation System:  The perfect option for new build grain stores. Vents via air ducts situated below the grain store floor, with fans positioned outside of the grain store building.

Polycool Laterals:  Floor based ventilation system:  A range of plastic, twin wall ducts which are robust and durable. 

Grain Cooling Fans 

Pedestal Fans: Our range of pedestal mounted fans will ventilate Polycool and Metalcool.  Pedestal fan models available:  VBW8, VBW9, EVOLUTION & VBL6/3. 

EV Lateral Duct Fans:  High pressure, high volume fans for above floor lateral ducts.

High Volume Extraction Fans (Hydor):  Hydor Extraction belt driven fans specifically designed to extract large amounts of air from the grain store to ensure ventilated crops always receive fresh, cooler air.

Grain Store Automation Controls

Differential Temperature Control options for grain stores.  

Store Control - Grain Fan Assist: Upgrade existing fans or supplied already installed on new units.  Enables fans to be automated by Differential Temperature Control.  Supplied with a 2 meter crop temperature spear and ambient air temperature sensor.  Easy to set up.

Store Control - Extraction Fan Assist:  Receives a wireless signal from the grain cooling fans, to start up the store extraction fans when the stored crop is being ventilated.

Multi Fan Hub for 3 phase Fans: Automate multiple 1.1kw or 2.2kw grain cooling fans.  Unit allows up to 5 grain temperature inputs, capable of monitoring grain temperatures in large stores.

CropCool Wireless:  Enables grain store temperatures to be remotely monitored via 2m grain spears.  There are three options;

Cropcool Wireless - Sample and See - Using Site Map the data is turned into a logical plan of the grain store. Results can be saved and used for Assured Combinable Crop Inspections.  

Cropcool Wireless - Sample, See and Control - As above but crop temperatures can be visually checked on the instore Dicam Controller, the Dicam will automatically coordinate the running of fans according to set parameters. No internet connection required.  Can manage multiple probes and multiple stores from one point.  Data can be exported.

CropCool Wireless - Sample, See, Control and Share - Data exported off site for remote store monitoring, via a website.


Grain Store Conditioning Essentials

Hydor Wall Mounted Cowl:  Available in galvanised steel or Aluzinc.  Designed  to protect fans, inlets and outlets from inclement weather and reduce external light ingress. 

Hydor Weather Louvres:  Slatted louvres help reduce weather ingress whilst providing smooth air flow into the store.

The New HGS Gravity Shutter from Hydor:  manufactured in galvanized steel with high protection against corrosion.  

Crop Conditioning Essentials

Moisture check samplesCheck accuracy of moisture meters before harvest. Available June to September for wheat, barley, OSR, peas, beans and linseed.

Evans and Pearce Temperature Spear:  2m x 9mm round stainless steel temperature probe for use with our digital thermometer.

Culverthorpe 1000 Grain Weigher:  For quick assessment of seed weight and subsequent calculation of drilling rates.

Insect Pitfall Cones, Pack of 10:  Place in pairs, in a grid 5-6 metres apart, on surface and 8-15cms below surface, for easy visual insect check. Re-usable.

Insect Bait Traps, Pack of 10:  Contains sterilized ‘nut-free’ grain insect attractant.

6000 Series Therma-Hygrometer:  Relative humidity and air temperature measuring instrument.

Fan, Pedestal and Ducts Spares, End Caps etc

Fan spares

TEC Motors - authorized supplier for TEC electric motors.

Bearing Kit - Bearing kit for VBW7 and VBW9.

Motor Capacitors - Motor capacitors for VBL6/3 and VBW7. 

Replacement Impeller - Available for the VBW7 and VBW9.

Extension Cables for Fans - Custom extension leads for single and 3 phase applications from 10m to 50m.

VBW7 16 Amp Plug Upgrade - 13 amp to 16 amp plug upgrade for VBW7 fans. 

Polycool extras

Polycool Reducing Cone – 450mm-150mm reducing cone and available as a 450-200mm cone. 

Polycool Extension Pipe - Available in both 150mm and 200mm in 1 and 2 metre lengths.

Polycool Coupler - 150mm and 200mm coupler for Polycool top pipe. 

Polycool End Caps - End caps for 150mm and 200mm pipes.

Metalcool extras

Metalcool Extension Pipes - Available as 1m or 2m lengths.

Metalcool Coupler - 150mm and 200mm couplers. 

Metal End Caps - End caps made from galvanized metal for 150mm and 200mm pipes.

Spiral Wound Pipes Parts

We stock a range of couplers, reducers and bends.

Spiral Wound Coupler - 300mm-150mm reducer.

Spiral Wound Ducting Reducing Cone - Available from 300-100mm down to 200-100mm.

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