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Store Control: Grain Fan Assist

Store Control, from Evans and Pearce, takes a novel look at Differential Temperature Control for grain storage.

The Store Control system turns standard grain ventilation fans, into smart fans that can automate the cooling of your crops without the need for costly electrical installation and annual data hosting charges.

Standard grain ventilation fans can be fitted with the Grain Fan Assist unit which will turn them into a smart fan, capable of running the store for you.  Grain temperature is monitored via a 2m long spear and the ambient air temperature is monitored via a sensor on the Store Control box itself.

Differential temperature is easily set and then the fan will switch itself on every time the air is cold enough to effectively cool the crop.

If the grain store has additional ventilation fans to introduce clean air into the building, the Extraction Fan Assist unit will wirelessly turn these on as well.  An additional receiver unit will detect when any of the grain ventilation fans is in operation and will ensure the building extraction fans are working.


·         Simplicity.

·         Can be fitted to new or existing fans.

·         Minimal, if any, input from an electrical contractor to automate your store.

·         Wireless; so only power cable to fan, no additional cabling in store.

·         Each fan reacts to the condition of grain immediately around it, so no additional costs for store zoning.

·         Fan will display crop temperature, so no need for additional sampling.

·         Fan running hours recorded, so electricity usage easily calculated.

·         Easy store automation costing, no hidden charges or ongoing license fees.

·         Send fans back to us and we will return to you a smart fan ready to run your store.

To upgrade your existing grain cooling fans to Store Control, please call us on +44(0)1935 850750 to arrange.

Grain Fan Assist display

Grain Fan Assist display

The advantage of this system is: 

Utilise existing fans you already own.
Each fan reacts to grain conditions around it. 
Robust circuitry reduces the incidence of low voltage damage.
Grain stores become automated with limited or no involvement from an electrician.
Zoning of the store is simple.
Store extraction fans automated wirelessly from grain cooling fans.
No hidden costs or ongoing service charges.

Grain Fan for Control Panel

Grain Fan for Control Panel

Our Grain Fan Assist unit is available as a retro fit, to existing single phase fan units. Once the unit is fitted, the fan becomes a “smart fan” and detects when ambient conditions are optimum for cooling. The unit has a clear LCD display and buttons to make programming simple and fast.

Store Control - Grain Fan Assist

Store Control - Grain Fan Assist

The fan unit will be returned with the Grain Fan Assist Control Box fitted and a 2 meter crop temperature spear. 

For an upgrade to Store Control please call us on +44(0)1935 850750

Store Control - Extraction Fan Assist

Store Control - Extraction Fan Assist

The Extraction Fan Assist connects to the wireless network in the grain store and automatically switches the store extraction fans on, when the floor stored crop is being ventilated.

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